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THIS IS A WILLIAM BRANHAM BACK UP PAGE: New Research added: July 4, 2016, by Synthia Esther. Roberts Liardon, author of the book, “God's Generals”, Albury Publishing, 1995, page 154, writes concerning William Branham and “The Message” he touted: “In the height of the revival, Branham's carelessness in financial matters didn't seem to show. But now that things were tight, his carelessness brought the attention of the Internal Revenue Service. In 1956 a tax-evasion suit was brought against the evangelist. Despite his objections, Branham incurred a $40,000 out of court settlement, a debt he carried for the rest of his life.” Branham's crowds were down in number, his mail count dropped from one thousands letters a day to around seventy-five (Page 334). Lardon cites under the subtitled section “HE DID IT HIS WAY”, (page 339), “Branham tried to push his popularity through doctrinal teaching, which according to him, was given by prophetic revelation. By abusing his gift, the prophecies became warped. Instead of using his prophetic ability to call the hearts of men back to God, he tried to predict international events.” Turning to “radical doctrine” which included (Highlights are as written in the book): No eternal hell, that hell would be forever, but not for eternity, which he concluded was a period of time, after which one would be annihilated (339). Seed of the serpent doctrine, whereby women weren't a created product of God, but were a by-product of man. “He even suggested that animals were a higher rank of species than women because they were created from nothing”. Due to womens “secondary status” Branham felt women were “the most easily deceived and deceitful beings on earth” (Page 339). He further thought women carried the seed of the Serpent. That Eve and the Serpent had sexual relations in the Garden of Eden and created Cain. Branham is quoted as stating , “Everytime that a funeral goes down the street, a woman caused it...Everything that's wrong, a woman caused it. And then put her head of the church...shame on her” - (Page 340). Branham believed because women introduced men to sex, polygamy was brought about. Whereby men could have many wives, but women only one husband (page 340). Branham taught that denominationalism was the mark of the beast, that Protestants were the harlets, and that the Catholic's were the beast (Page 340). Branham thought he was the end time messenger, THE Laodicean prophet, who could reveal the seventh seal in the book of Revelation. He predicted that the destruction of the United States would begin in 1977 (Page 340). Branham felt the “spoken Word” from “his mouth would change physical bodies into glorified bodies for the Rapture. That the “tremendous power” of his words would restore God's original name of JHVH. Which Branham concluded thename had never been pronounced correctly, however, “Branham's mouth was specially formed to say it” (Page 340). Branham believed and declared the Oneness doctrine. “He would teach one day that the Trinitarians weren't born again, then on other days, he would declare that only some were. He even prophesied that “Trinitarianism is of the devil” (Page 341). Kenneth Hagin stated the Holy Spirit told him that the Lord stated He was taking him (meaning he would die), ...“because of Branham's disobedience to his call and the creation of doctrinal confusion. Hagan believed that God had to remove the 'father' of the healing revival from the earth” (Page 342). Four times the Holy Spirit told Gordon Lindsay that “Branham was going to die, and that he was to tell him. But Lindsay couldn't get through the barrier of 'yes' men that surrounded Branham.” When he finally did reach Branham he tried to reason with him to no avail (Page 342). Branham's funeral was held on December 29, 1965, but his body was delayed and not burried unto Easter of 1966. Many Branham followers were “believing Branham would be raied from the dead” (Page 345). Branham's son stated in a Memorial service that Mrs. Branham had requested the delay in burial because she was trying to make a decision whether to move to Arizona or remain in Indiana. She wanted Branham's body buried where she chose to live. “Until she decided, Branham's body remained in the attic of the funeral home”. Branham was burried on April 11, 1966. Even until the 1980's some followers, most often referenced as “The Messengers”, believed Branham would be raised on Easter Sunday and return. Each year the Branham Tabernacle continues to have a special Easter service, and those in attendance listen to Branham's taped sermons (Page 345). GOD'S WORD WILL RULE AND REIGN AS DIVINE FOR ALL ETERNITY. In hindsight, when Branham's signs and wonders movement sought to devise methods of publicity the ministry outreach team began a newsletter they called, “The Voice of Healing” magazine. Perry Stone's outreach has done likewise calling his ministries magazine, “The Voice of Evangelism”. When humanity places the voice of man's extra-biblical revelations above the voice of our Holy Father, and his divine word, they will suffer and fail. By supporting and touting William Branham's “Message” and many false prophecies, Perry Stone has placed himself on very shallow ground as he is playing a part in promoting such unholy deceptions. Read the Bible, and heed God's word, not mans, and be blessed. WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM HAD PAGAN, OCCULT LEANINGS, AND MADE MANY FALSE PROPHECIES. THIS IS A INDEPTH REPORT ABOUT HIS LIFE, MINISTRY, AND MESSAGE PRESENTED BY CHRISTIAN APOLIGETIC, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER, SYNTHIA ESTHER.   WILLIAM M. BRANHAM, A FALSE PROPHET WITH A NEW WORLD ORDER PLAN By Cynthia Esther Original Article appeared in Feb. 2010, which I rewrote, expanded and completed, Feb. 1, 2016. SYNTHIA ESTHER'S INTRODUCTORY NOTE: William M. Branham and his ministry "Message", has common links with the 11:11 New Age - New World Order, 1,111 Midwayer Angels and Oneness, Gaia Deception Message... Please Note: For additional educational insight into the New Age "Oneness" unity message please visit the website page : "Oneness - Gaia - New Age Theory" "This articles contains conclusive evidence that proves William M. Branham's "Message" comes from the same demonic, fallen angel source as the New Age - New World Order, 11:11 Signs and Wonders deception movement!  William M. Branham confirmed his angel spirit guide, was Michael the Christ.  This is also the same message promoted by 11:11 followers of the Anti-Christ  Bible, Urantia, who also worship Michael, as Christ.  It is also the same angel Michael, who is claimed to be the Lord - Jesus Christ, by Charles Taze Russell, and The Watchtower, Jehovah Witnesses.  "The books of Daniel and Jude (Jude 1:9) clearly show Michael (which many faiths call Saint Michael - the archangel), was a mighty angel used in service by God, however, he was not, and is not God.   To worship Michael as God, is clearly angel worship.  Such was Satan, the fallen angel's plan from the beginning!  Only through our confession of Jesus Christ as Lord can we be saved (Phil. 2:11; Romans 10:10).  Additionally, Branham preached a universal, ecumenical oneness message he believed would be brought about by and through the signs and wonders movement.  The 'oneness' movement is also one of the core messages of New Age 11:11 faith promoters, and the New World Order promise of the Anti-Christ as foretold in the book of Revelation.'"  -  Synthia Esther, January 29, 2016. THE FOLLOWING QUOTES COME FROM THE BOOK, "WILLIAM BRANHAM - A MAN SENT FROM GOD"  BY GORDON LINDSAY, IN COLLABORATION WITH WILLIAM BRANHAM, PUBLISHED BY WILLIAM BRANHAM, JEFFERSONVILLE, INDIANA, PAGE CITATIONS PROVIDED. Channeling, Seer, William Branham, is helpless without the help and presence of his guiding Angel: "...Brother Branham is a channel for more than the mere gift of healing; he is also a Seer as were the Old Testament Prophets" (page 172).   "He does not begin to pray for the healing of the afflicted in body in the healing line each night, until God anoints him for the operation of the gift, and until he is conscious of the presence of the Angel with him on the platform.  Without this consciousness, he seems to be perfectly helpless" (page 169). William M. Branham  Sought to Unite the World for the Kingdom of God Through and by Supernatural Signs and Wonders, which was goal of the angel "Michael the Christ", who directed him.  The following are a few of William Branham's Ecumenical Oneness - New World Unity quotes: "The angel further told him that this was the Spirit of Christ working through him, that he had been called from birth for this purpose, and that the last days were here, and that this was the sign of the last days, and by this gift God was calling all His people together into unity of the Spirit" (page 83). "Also they were given for the purpose of bringing together all the church that people should no longer be separated by creeds and denominations.  Certainly Brother Branham's heart goes out to all his brethern who have separated themselves one from another.  He believes that God will bring together all those of His church into the unity of Spirit and then Jesus shall come for His church." - (Page 83).  "Up till this time, few union Full Gospel campaigns had been undertaken.  Doctrinal differences and other reasons had caused one group to be suspicious of the other.  If all were to get the benefit of these services, we saw it would be necessary for the campaigns to be organized on the inter-envangelical  basis, where all concerned would agree not to precipitate debate on controversial subjects, but would join together in a united effort to bring this message of deliverance to all the people.  Could this be effected?  We thought it could.  Brother Branham was enthusiastic about the idea, for indeed the uniting of believers had been the burden of his heart from the time that the angel had visited him." - (page 118). "His message was not to bring something new to the Church which would involve the creation of a new organization. ....rather it was that the people of God who had separated themselves one from the other, would now recognize the fact that they were of one body and become united in spirit..."  "He sought not only the healing of the physical bodies of believers, but also the healing of the Mystical Body of Christ - which is His Church" (page 15). New Age - Occult Reincarnation: The demonic angel -  "Michael the Christ", sent to William Branham, confirmed he would have the supernatural power and ability to discern "past lives" of those who came to him, as part of his gift: Memorial Sunday night, 1946, William Branham told of the meeting with the angel who told him the Gift of Healing was to take to the peoples of the world, that many thousands would believe, by means of supernatural power.   "And that he would be able to discern the thoughts of the people's hearts and tell them of their past lives, and that many would misunderstand him". - (page 82). William M. Branham "Michael is Christ" quotes as retrieved 1/29/2016, from tape record documentations which were, and are at the time of this writing posted on several internet William Branham websites:  Beginning and Ending of the Gentile Dispensation, Jefferson, In. - Sunday - 55- 0109E, "And at that time Michael shall stand, the great prince.'  Michael was Christ of course, who fought the angelic world in Heaven with the devil.  Satan and Michael fought together, or fought against each other, rather.  And now.. 'And at that time.'  He said, 'as many was found written in the book was delivered, and those who had done righteous...'.  Watch at this.'" Christ is The Mystery of God Revealed, Jefferson, In. - V-3 N-7  Sunday, 63 - 0728, " ...the first thing that Lucifer had done to separate the fellowship of God and man, he wanted to build him a united kingdom. a greater splendor and seemingly cultured, a greater kingdom than Michael, Christ had."  William M. Branham, New Age, Gaia - Earth, Pantheism comparisons: Speaking of the sin of the world, Branham concludes: "The thing is polluted, and the world, the nature ... God have mercy!  The whole world in its birth pains.  The world is trying; she's travailing.  Isaiah said, What's the matter?  She's trying to bring a new world for the Millennium where all the sin is purged out, trying to birth a new world for a new people that won't sin and pollute her.  That's right.  She's in travail." - ("The Revelation of the Seven Seals", spoken word publications, Tucson, Arizona, published December, 1967, page 439). "William M. Branham brought forth, preached, taught, new, mystical, extra bibilcal, channeled, signs and wonders revelations that are contrary to the word of God.  We are told not to despise prophecies but to test everything (1 Thessalonians 5:20-23).  William Branham's 'message', fails the test set forth by God.  Blessed are they who hear the word of God, and keep it! (Luke 11:28).  Trust God, not man." - Synthia Esther, 2/1/2016   DAVID WILKERSON WARNS OF STRANGE SPIRITUAL MANIFESTATIONS ENTERING INTO THE CHURCH...SUCH IS NOT OF GOD, HE STATES, AND WEEPS WARNING: THIS VIDEO CLIP IS VERY DISTURBING, CLEARLY SHOWING DEMONIC INVASION WITHIN THE CHURCH.  PRAYING TO GOD FOR SPIRITUAL COVERING BEFORE WATCHING THIS CLIP IS STRONGLY SUGGESTED. Within this documentary video, one views Peter Wagner, who is head of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement, and clearly lacking spiritual discernment, as he is pronouncing blessings over false prophet, Todd Bently (former, Landland, Florida revival preacher, who was caught having an affair with a staff worker, left his wife and married his lover).  Also viewed, is a demonic manifestation of charismatic mania,  taking over Stacey Campbell's body, as she loses complete control, shaking her head in convulsive movements.  Much the same can be seen in Hindu possessed followers who willingly provide their body to the snake "kundalini" spirit. "New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) -  Charismatic Mania,  I define as inscrutable 'witchcraft', in that it has an over powering, demonic spiritual take over effect of a persons body, soul, and spirit." - Synthia Esther   "William Marrion Branham was a false prophet with pagan, and occult leanings.  He desired to unite the world for Christ through false signs and wonders.  Unfortunately, his god was the angel Michael, and his hyped up visions, dreams, and folklore, lead many people far astray from God and His word.  All of which was Satan's plan." -  Synthia Esther. "He  (William Branham), does not begin to pray for the healing of the afflicted in body in the healing line each night, until God anoints him for the operation of the gift, and until he is conscious of the presence of the Angel with him on the platform.  Without this consciousness, he seems to be perfectly helpless," (page 169, book referenced, William Branham - A Man Sent By God).   Please Note: The reader may find the nature of my documentation of source redundant within this article of research.  By way of repetition, I hope to note facts by quoting both source and links.  In order to further emphasize the need for educated knowledge concerning "false prophetic" New Age - Metaphysical seer ministries, outreaches (both secular and Christian alike), and the lack of Biblical knowledge within the minds of the people they often attract.  One must be leary of those who post information and resource on the Internet, without documentation of both evidence, fact, and source.  I invite my readers to check out my research sources, as well as any additional cited sources, to learn for themselves the truth inherent within the words I write.    As is written, Hosea 4:6, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me; seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God.  I will also forget their children."    Strong verbiage?  Yes, it is.  Therefore, I urge you to study God's word in order to learn of His will, and show thouself approved.   For I truly believe Satan is literally planting leaders and teachers among the Christian flock.  We are wise to remember God's words in Matthew 7:15, "Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."   There are many ministries and New Age outreaches appearing on the spiritual scene within what many call "these last days," that have leaders and teachers who practice both occult and physic methods of magick, divination, and seership.  Which is a practice God strictly forbids (Deut. 18).    I pray those who read my free investigative, apologetic, educational research resources will gain knowledge and insight, as their spiritual eyes are opened to the wisdom, truth, and importance, of adhering to God's word, in order to not be deceived.  Having been forewarned by the power and providence of the Holy Spirit, in relation to devious and deceptive means of manipulation by which these ministries and prophetic voices derive.   I pray you pass your knowledge forward in love, to those whom God sends within your circle of influence.    God bless you,  Synthia Esther     Much like Mormon Joseph Smith, William Marrion Branham, believed in self promotion by way of other worldly messengers and methods.   He was a humble country boy, who was raised in a suffering, troubled, poverty stricken home.  Charles, William's father was gone a lot of the time, as a logger and an * addicted alcoholic.  While Ella, his superstitious, young, uneducated teen age mother (she was 15 when she gave birth to William, who was her first born), was often left high and dry to care for her son, whom she fondly called Billy.  When born, an open window allowed the sun light to creep in their tiny wood cabin, which in part, rested on baby William's head.  Mother Ella, related this common day experience as evidence of a "super natural" event.  "Peculiar Birth and Childhood", as it is referred to in the book, "William Branham - A Man Sent From God," Chapter 2, page 28, by Gordan Lindsay, "in collaboration with William Branham".   One reads, "As the neighbors gathered in to see the new born babe, there seemed to be, as it is told, a strange feeling of awe in the room.  Who can say that it was not the presence of the angel who under the direction of God, has guided William Branham in the many events of his life, and who later was to speak to him in person?"  More hyped up, superstitious speculation, I term, "The Sunlight Hoax".  THE SUNLIGHT HOAX After reading much about Ella, I conclude, "The Sunlight Hoax", was only the beginning of projections placed on her first born male child, William, who seemed to serve as a  replacement for her abusive, addicted, husband Charles.  This is not an unusual family dynamic in homes plagued with addiction problems, and an absent male role model.  William Branham's mental constructs, as a child, were built upon such projections.  As an adult William Branham (which from hereto forth I shall refer to as WB when not quoting a direct source), went on to claim, angels as messengers to the churches appearing to prophets throughout history in order to issue and usher in prophetic revelations that would lead and direct the church in accordance to God's hidden knowledge - which was given to His chosen prophets.  And behold, he concludes, by way of inner knowledge, that he is one of those special, God ordained prophets, with his own God sent,  "personal angel spirit guide".  *  If in doubt what an addict can and does do to the heart, mind, and soul of close family members, please consult my free addiction ministry-outreach website at: .    So it seems Ella's  spiritual longings and naive, uneducated Biblical insights served as a means of *psychosomatic projections by which young WB was conditioned within his mind to both confirm and believe.   His mother's self appointed,"golden child" prophecies were made real to WB, being ongoing through out his lifetime.  Many of Ella's dreams and visions are documented on pages 205-206, of the above mentioned book.  WB confirms (page 205), "I went home.  My mother met me and remarked, 'Son I have had a dream about you.'  Once before she had had a dream about me.  It was a few days after my conversion, when she saw me standing on a white cloud preaching to all the world (This has practically been fulfilled now.  I hope soon to be able to tour the European countries as well as Africa and Australia.)"  * Psychosomatic medicine is an interdisciplinary medical field studying the relationships of social, psychological, and behavioral factors on bodily processes and well-being in humans and animals.  The influence that the mind has over physical processes including the manifestation of physical disabilities that are based on intellectual infirmities, rather than actual injuries or physical limitations, are manifest in phrases such as the power of suggestion, the use of "positive thinking" and concepts like "mind over matter,"  - Wikipedia.   Once again I quote from the book, "William Branham - A Man Sent From God," by Gordan Lindsay, in collaboration with William Branham, in which this angel is discussed in detail.  Chapter 20, Gifts of Healing by Evangelist F.F.Bosworth,  page 169, "On May 7, 1946, an angel who had spoken to Brother Branham in audible voice at intervals from his childhood down to the present time, finally appeared to him and, among other things, told him that Christ's Coming was near at hand, and the Heavenly Messenger said: 'I AM SENT FROM THE PRESENCE OF ALMIGHTY GOD TO TELL YOU...THAT GOD HAS SENT YOU TO TAKE A GIFT OF HEALING TO THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD.' (caps are inclusive, as written in the book).  ...He (referring to WB), does not begin to pray for the healing of the afflicted in body in the healing line each night, until God anoints him for the operation of the gift, and until he is conscious of the presence of the Angel with him on the platform.  Without this consciousness, he seems to be perfectly helpless."    According to WB, "he always had his angel around giving him this transference of power".  Before WB claimed the power of deliverance upon a young curly-headed girl, who was said to be skin and bones, clawing at her face like an animal, screaming at the top of her voice.  WB prayed, then came into the home of the dying child (page 85) and stated, "Your child shall live for God has sent his angel to me and told me that your child shall live."  God sent WB a healing angel?  No place in the Bible is an angel needed for healing.  For the utterance of the name of "Jesus" was and is given unto us "all" power and authority (Acts 4:1-14. Psalm 103:3).  Exodus 15:26, "I am the God who heals."  Praise God for His healing power.  However, it is a praise to Satan when one confuses a false light for good, when it is indeed, very dark (2 Corinthians 11:14). Dependence upon angels to evoke the spiritual commission and power to heal, is an activity that is contrary to the word of God, for it is God who heals, not angels.  As such, this type of spirit is "Anti-Christ" in nature.  Another important note, is the fact Satan can provide, through his power, the "miracle of a false healing" (Revelation 13:13-14).   Satan, by God's allowed will only, for a time and season,  has all manner of magick (which is how occultist spell "magic" when used in casting, spells, rituals in order to produce desired results) and power at his disposal (Exodus - Chapters 4 and 5).      SEEKING ANGELS OR ANIMAL SPIRIT GUIDES HAS BECOME A COMMON OCCURRENCE AMONG "MANY" METAPHYSICAL, NEW AGE - THEOSOPHICAL, OCCULT  CONVERTS, AND  SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN MYSTIC MINISTRIES (NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION MOVEMENT, BEING ONE SUCH EXAMPLE)   WB was grossly deceived into believing and depending on what God has created (in his case, the works and words spoken by a demonic fallen angel), was equal to dependence upon God and His word. This is an un-holy abomination and error.  We must yield and depend on God's word, and the Holy Spirit alone, to lead, guide, and direct us, or we too can be lead astray by our own great, deceptive, magick and folly (John 17:17).  There are many new age, pagan, occult, religious and spiritually seeking people, that search after supernatural signs and wonders.  They call upon animal and angel spirit guides, make use of physic birthing, hypnosis, past life regression,  occult -  magick divination and rituals, astrology, numerology, tarot cards, palm reading,  try to contact and talk to the dead, make use of brain wave technology  (hemi-sync per one such example), induce astral travel and out of body experiences.  Instead of walking by faith and not by sight, trusting in God alone (2 Corinthians 5:7). A prime example of this anti-christ false spirit entering the church can be seen in the life of Todd Bently ("Fresh Fire Ministries"),  and his demonic angelic spirit guide,"Emma," (also known as Emma-O).  After preaching in a Lakeland, Florida revival, which much like WB's ministry attracted millions, Bently was caught in an adulterous affair.  Instead of repentance, he left his wife, Shonna, and children and married his lover, Jessa.  Shortly after his "discovered and reported" fall from grace, Bently, sought and received counsel from another false prophet, Rick Joyner, only to return shortly thereafter to christian ministry promoted as recovered, and a new man.   Rick Joyner, is author of the occult - claimed christian "magick" book, "The Finial Quest" (TFQ), with a hook and story line recounting an eagle animal spirit guide, named "Wisdom".   Joyner penned TFQ after receiving a vision from god (reference my book of "The Final Quest", on this website  My use of a small "g" in spelling "god" being deliberate.  For when one has visions, dreams, prophecies, words of knowledge, that do not line up with God's word, they are not sent by God! (Isaiah 8:22-22). NEW APOSTOLIC REFORMATION MOVEMENT, MASONIC, LINKS Rick Joyner and Todd Bently both followed and noted Willaim Branham's ministry as a forerunner of their own.  Joyner has given testimony that he is a Malta knighted Templar, which is considered by some to be Masonic Rosicrucian linked.  William Branham confirms he held services for several days in a "Masonic Auditorium, in Elgin, Illinois".  After these services held in the "Masonic Auditorium",  it is reported they went south to minister, and state they were... "not aware that we would see no more of our beloved evangelist for many months during which time his life and valuable ministry would almost be snuffed out " (William Branham - A Man Sent From God, by Gordon Lindsay, in collaboration with William Branham, page 133).  Additionally, "When William Branham was 14 years old, he was shot in a hunting accident, and spent several months in the hospital.  His hospital bills were paid for by the Ku Klux Klan and the Masons ." - (William Branham, November 10, 1963, in a sermon titled "Souls in Prison", retrieved 1/29/2016,  from the website:  SATAN DESIRES WE TURN AWAY FROM GOD AND WORSHIP HIM (JOHN 8:44; 2 CORINTHIANS 11:3; EPHESIANS 6:12; ISAIAH 14:12-15) Much like William Branham, Todd Bently was told by his demonic angel guide (named Emma), to get the people to believe in Angels.  Why does Bentley, under the guise of asking God, “command, and direct Angels” to appear?  Saturday, January 24, 2004, at Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, California, we learn of Bentley's intent through his sermon, “God Desires Us To Experience The Reality of the Supernatural”, in which he stated God told him the following discourse in angel theology: “You have to get the people to believe in the Angels because they already believe in Jesus”. “...Todd, if you can get people to believe in the angel, I will bring miracles.”   “Now listen: It's not about believing in the angel in the same way we believe in Jesus. We don't put our faith in angels – they are agents through which Jesus works.  But often we won't be able to receive and walk in what God is doing in His supernatural power until we hear testimonies of powerful works that God is doing, and our belief in the unseen realm begins to grow,” Bently stated. Read Bently's words over a few times, and you will "get it".  The method used by Bently is deceptive double talk.  And it is a method used world wide by con artists and some preachers of ill repute.  Bently says one thing while expressing another concept all together.  He mixes God's truth with lies.  This is "psychological manipulation, plain and simple!" Get the people to believe in angels because they already believe in God...takes the mind away from belief and worship in God alone, and into the realm of belief in, and the worship of angels.  If we build up faith by believing in the power of angels our faith becomes skewed, misplaced, resulting in idol worship, replacing and taking us far away from the worship and adoration of God!   REMEMBER ...  SATAN IS A CREATED ANGEL, WHO IS VERY DECEPTIVE (REVELATION 12:8-9).  HE DESIRES US TO WORSHIP HIM, IN PLACE OF OUR HOLY FATHER, JESUS CHRIST!  (ISAIAH 14:12-15).  HE PLANTS HIS SPIRIT AND PEOPLE IN GOD'S CHURCH (MATTHEW 13:38-39). It is another 'god' who does such bidding, that seeks hearts and minds who will gladly follow down the "magick" path of un-holy destruction (2 Corinthians 11:14). The calling upon "Guardian Angel Guides, Nature Guides, Animal Guides (promoted by many Native cultures), Higher Self Guides", is a prominent practice and magick ritual among many New Age converts, and pagan and occult practitioners.  For additional information on God's instruction concerning such blasphemous actions please reference the website page: "Contacting Angels".   WHERE, WHEN, AND HOW WILLIAM BRANHAM MET HIS ANGEL SPIRIT GUIDE    "William Branham - A Man Sent From God," by Gordan Lindsay, in collaboration with William Branham, chapter two, pages 30-31, reveals WB was about seven years of age, having just entered school in a rural section a few miles north of Jeffersonville, Indiana.   WB tells his story,"I had just gotten home from school and the other boys were going out to a pond to fish.  I was crying to go but dad said that I had to pack water.  I stopped under the tree to rest when all of a sudden I heard a sound as the wind blowing the leaves.  I knew that it wasn't blowing any other place.  It seemed to be a very still afternoon.  I stepped back from the tree and noticed that in a certain place about the size of a barrel, the wind seemed to be blowing through the tree leaves.  Then there came a voice saying: "Never drink, smoke, or defile your body in any way, for I have a work for you to do when you get older."   WB was frightened and ran home crying.  He states,  "Falling into the arms of my mother, who thought I had been bitten by a snake.  I told her that I was just scared, so she put me to bed, and was going to call a doctor, thinking I was suffering from nervous shock.  I never did go by that tree any more.  I would detour down the other side of the garden to avoid it.  I believe that the angel of God was in that tree, and in later years I was to meet him face to face and talk with him," (page 31).   WB recounts this same wind blowing of leaves sound when he was offered a drink of whiskey by his dad and another man, and put the bottle to his lips.    Then there was the time when he told his "youthful girl friend" he didn't smoke.  Once again WB was arrested by the familiar wind-leaf blowing sound.  He recalls (page 31), "There was always that peculiar feeling, like someone standing near me, trying to say something to me, and especially when I was alone."    NATURE AND SPIRIT SEEMED TO BLEND AND PLAY A LARGE PART IN WILLIAM BRANHAM'S VISIONS AND VOICES - AS HE THOUGHT GOD WAS IN A TREE   Nature and the spiritual went hand in hand, playing a large part in WB's visions and voices.  This seed was implanted within his young impressionable mind, as he first equated "God was in that tree"- (William Branham - A Man Sent By God, page 31).  Wind-leaf blowing, always having the "peculiar feeling" like an invisible someone was standing near by, striving to get his attention and speak to him, "especially when he was alone", reveals both a credulous, and apprehensive mind set.  Unlike Moses and the God ordained, burning bush biblical account, WB's many false prophecies involve pagan nature themes, coupled with occult overtones, both of which are not God inspired spiritual fruit!  These facts cannot be denied nor ignored.  "Ye shall know them by their fruits.  Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?  Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.  A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.  Evey tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.  Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them," (Mathew 7:16-20).   ANTHROPOLOGY - THE STUDY OF WILLIAM BRANHAM'S LIFE, HIS CULTURE AND UPBRINGING, HOLDS KEYS TO UNDERSTANDING HIS BEHAVIOR AND MENTAL CONSTRUCTS:  WB is quoted as stating (page 182), "One night, not long after my conversion, I returned from a place under an old oak tree, where 'before' I had engaged in secret prayers.  It was some time between one and three A.M."  In researching WB, I found he related many dreams, visions, stories, often documenting times, numbers, merging his thoughts into a belief system of his own making.  His mind was consumed with mysterious configurations of self deluded logic.  All of which reflects his rural country roots, culture, and uneducated upbringing.  He often quoted the bible mixed with an under girding of nature and folklore, which offered up an obscure mixture of pagan - occult beliefs.   Examination of WB's mental constructs offers additional insight, in the same way * anthropology study does.   Such background study offers keys to better understanding both behavior and mental constructs as well as related culture relevance.   To better understand WB and the purpose and scope of his ministry, one must evaluate the details of his life, as well as his coping skills, in answering why WB was the way he was.  Behind his public persona, his writings and recorded words confirm he had a very superstitious persona, much like his mother.  Such revelations being pertinent in answering any questions in regard to his supernatural revelations.  * Anthropologists study both people and culture, relating links to both, and more, in examination of human nature.  Anthropology being defined as,  "the study of humankind everywhere, throughout time, seeks to produce useful generalizations about people and their behavior and to arrive at the fullest possible understanding of human diversity" - William A. Haviland, University of Vermont, "Anthropology", Eighth Edition, Harcourt Brace College Publishers, 1997, page 5.  Haviland's book, also provides a useful introduction, on page 2, citing: "Anthropology is the most liberating of all the sciences.  Not only has it exposed the fallacies of racial and cultural superiority, but also its devotion to the study of all peoples, regardless of where and when they lived, has cast more light on human nature than all reflections of sages or the studies of laboratory scientists."  The Bible itself contains vast background on the people and cultures written about, the Babylonians being one such noted example. Educational Side Note: New Age/ Pagan - occult beliefs relating to the oak tree: New Age Metaphysical/ Nature & Tree Spirit Beliefs of Divination: Oak Tree Divination Spirit explained (Source: )  "Oak - Might - A tree that is a gateway to power.  Key phrases:  Strength, might and wisdom; potential in leadership; authority, strong morals and male ambition." ADDITIONAL QUOTES RELATING BRANHAM'S "PAGAN NATURE, MENTAL CONSTRUCTS": Page 40, "God Speaks In The Hospital Room - It began to grow darker in the hospital room, as though it were a great woods.  I could hear the wind blowing through the leaves, yet it seemed a great way off in the forest.  You probably heard a puff of wind blowing the leaves, coming closer and closer to you.  I thought, 'Well, this is death coming to take me.'  Oh! my soul was to meet God; I tried to pray but could not.  Closer the wind came, louder and louder.  The leaves rustled and all at once I was gone.  It seemed then that I was back again a little bare footed boy, standing in that lane under the same tree.  I heard that same voice....  And the leaves I heard were the same that blew in that tree that day.  But this time the voice said, 'I called you and you would not go.'  The words were repeated the third time."   Page 186, WB's vision included "Looking down again I saw that I was in the midst of a grove of trees and in the center where I was standing, was an aisle.  The trees were planted in big green pots.  ....Then as I looked again I noticed that the trees looked like pews, in the vision of my tabernacle.  Down at the end of the row was a big tree standing and it was full of all manner of fruit.  On either side of it were two little trees with no fruit..."     THE SPIRIT SPOKE TO WILLIAM BRANHAM, "EAT NO FOOD NOW, BUT GO TO THE WOODS AND PRAY"    Page 198, "After the baptizing was over, I went to Brother Wright's home for supper.  Brother Brace, who had been with me during the fulfillment of the other vision, was also along.  But at this moment the Spirit spoke to me, saying 'Eat no food now, but go to the woods to pray.'  ....I then went into the woods some distance and started to pray.  ....I started praying with all my heart, and soon I was lost in the Spirit.  Finally I heard a voice calling from somewhere in the woods.  I raised up; the sun had gone down and it was getting dark.  The dinner bell  had rung but I had never heard it, and searchers had been sent out to find me.  As I raised up I saw a yellowish light, shining down into the woods out of heaven.  A voice spoke saying , 'Go by the way of Carter's.'  That was all.  ....We told the others to eat and then come on to church.  We couldn't wait for them, as the vision spoke for me to go then."  WB prays for the girl, and reports she is healed.  The young girl gets out of bed and walks, and is playing the piano when her father walks in, who almost fainted.   After which we read, "The girl went out into the yard, sat down on the grass and began blessing the grass and the leaves."  She looked up into heaven and said, "Oh God, how good You are to me."- (page 200).  When God so provides me with a healing (which He has), I do not go outside and begin to bless the grass and leaves!   The bible states to remain pure in allegiance to Him alone, so as not to give the enemy a foot hold. We are to examine the life and ministry of those whom we seek out for consultation and prayer, and those whom we allow to lay anointed hands upon us.  As such anointing may come from Satan and not God!  Anointing by oil, laying hands upon those in need of prayer,  is God ordained (2 Timothy 1:6).  However, unholy impartation and and does occur (1 Timothy 5:22).  There are those who work in the realm of the God's Church, who are not sent by our Holy Father , Jesus Christ.  Entire books have been written relating ministry con artists, some of which I have met personality!  The documentation of such is beyond the scope and limits of this article.  Suffice to say it does happen, as the word of God warns (1 John 4:1-6; 2 Peter 2:1; Matthew 7:15; Matthew 24:24; Mark 7:6-9; Deuteronomy 18:20-22; Jeremiah 23:26; Romans 16:18; Revelation 2:2).   THE VISION OF THE DOG WHO TURNED INTO A MAN WHO WORE BLACK - WILLIAM BRANHAM'S "MAN IN BLACK" SIGHTING:   In another vision WB was going out to a dark road ( page 201), "suddenly it seemed that a big black dog ran out to me.  I thought it was going to bite me, and I kicked at it and shouted, 'Get away, dog.'  When I did this, it raised up and I saw it was a big, tall, dark-looking man, dressed in black.  He said, 'You called me a dog did you?'  I answered, 'I am sorry, I thought it was a dog because you were down on your hands and knees.'  He snarled, 'You called me a dog; I'm going to kill you.'  And from under his belt he drew a long saber blade.  ....As he got closer to me, he seemed to look like a demon.  ...I cried out, but just at that moment, I heard a noise coming from heaven, and down out of the skies right by my side came a mighty angel, and he just looked with a stern gaze at that man with the great knife in his hand.  The man moved back, dropped his knife, and ran as hard as he could." "This angel appeared to be the same one that visited me later on.  ...I truly believe that this vision was fulfilled about two years ago, when the devil had me backed up in the corner, with that hideous nervousness that was about to take my life" -  (page 202).   WILLIAM BRANHAM'S NERVOUS CONDITION?  GOD'S SPIRIT IS ONE OF PEACE (JOHN 14:27; JOHN 16:33).  SATAN'S SPIRIT IS THAT OF DEATH AND DESTRUCTION (JOHN 10:10; 1 PETER 5:8).    Within the book, "William Branham - A Man Sent From God", by Gordan Lindsay, in collaboration with William Branham, chapter 21, we read WB's words concerning his nervous condition:   "In fact, my nervous energy was so far gone that in my own mind I wondered if I could ever return to the field again," (page 202).   "Curtis Hooper, came down and asked, 'Aren't you any better?'  I replied, 'No, I am not.  It seems that I cannot get hold of myself,'" (page 202).   "I prayed, 'Lord, You have never shown me a vision of my own deliverance over this terrible nervousness.'  My strength was so far gone that it didn't seem that I could get a hold of myself to believe God's word,'" (page 203).   Jack Moore wrote and is quoted in this same book.  He states (page 111), "How could we know very soon our brother would be called from us to pass through the dark shadows of the valley of death, no longer able to bear the load that had exhausted his physical capacities, and that the memory of these days would comfort him during long months of struggle with strained nerves and mental depression." ADDITIONAL REPORTS OF WILLIAM BRANHAM'S HARDSHIPS, HIS DEPRESSIVE STATE AND TWO SUICIDE ATTEMPTS: From the website: (retrieved 1/29/2016), one can read a report about William Branham's life under the subsection "Tragedy and Recovery".   And I summarize: During the 1937 Ohio River flood (Jan. - Feb. - 1937), Branham lost contact with his wife Hope and eventually found her in a hospital dying.  After fighting pneumonia, she lost her life in July 1937.  Sharon Rose, Branham's 8 month old baby girl also died from disease a few days latter on July 26, 1937.  After which, Branham had a period of "severe trial, depression, and responsibility as he worked and looked after his son and pastored a Pentecostal church."  It is reported that William Branham blamed the death of his wife, Hope,  and baby Sharon,  on his "decision to respect his mother-in-laws request to not associate with Pentecostals".  William Branham said that he tried to commit suicide twice during this time (quoted reference: William Branham, April 15, 1951, in a sermon titled "Life's Story"). Branham is also quoted as stating, "And--and there, friends, is where my sorrows started. I listened to my mother-in-law in the stead of God. He was giving me the opportunity. And there this gift would've been manifested long time ago, if I'd just went ahead and done what God told me to do. But instead of that, I didn't want her to be angry, and I didn't want to hurt nobody's feelings. And so I just--just let it go like that. Just walked... Just said, "All right, we won't go." And right then, sorrows started. Immediately after that, my father died. My brother was killed a few nights later from that. Almost lost my own... I lost my father, my brother, my wife, my baby, and my sister-in-law, and almost my own life within about six month's time. And just started going down. My church, pretty near everything went down, down, down. Hope taken sick. Just about after that, the 1937 flood come on." -  ( Sermon: Life Story, Phoenix, Arizona, April 15, 1951, Retrieved from the website:, January 29, 2016).   WB offers us an explanation concerning his nervous condition by way of a vision he says God gave him: "Suddenly I was in a vision.  The first thing I saw was a little boy about seven years of age.  He looked just like I did at that age.  I was standing by him teaching him to hunt.  Nearby was an old snag of a tree, and I said to the boy that he should not go near the tree because a dangerous beast lived there.  I picked up a stick and rapped on the side of the tree.  Suddenly, out on a limb ran a little animal about six inch's long.  It seemed to be a weasel, and it had tiny black, sharp-looking eyes.  ...Next I saw he was going to attack us." ( page 203).  Branham then pulls out a small six inch hunting knife, heard the angel of the Lord speak on his right side, saying "Remember, its only six inches long," (page 204).  He stated the weasel was a sly looking creature and when he sought to protect the boy behind him with the knife, the boy seemed to disappear.  When the animal made a dive at him, he couldn't stab him.  WB then claims he opened his mouth to speak and the animal ran down his throat into his stomach and began to "Gurgitate, over and over and over and over".  He  cries out, "Oh what can I do?".  He then hears a voice saying, "Remember, it is only six inches long."  Upon waking up, he remembers the angel said "Remember, it is only six inches long", and concluded this vision and message was a word from God that he would have to suffer his nervous condition six times.  In his own words, he confirms he has nervous energy, feared a loss of ministry due to his mind being "far gone", and sought the Lord's deliverance in healing of the terrible and hideous nervousness that was about to take his life.   He further admits nothing would stay on his stomach, and he had dropped in weight to about "a hundred pounds" (page 204).  He confirms, "Up until that time I had never thought of how many times I had had these nervous spells", and then begins to reflect on the times he had "the nervousness".   He concludes, "The first time had been when I was about seven years of age.  At that time I was crying because things had gone wrong in our family - my dad drank very heavily, and I became melancholy and very nervous. About every seven years this nervousness had returned.  I counted and this was exactly the sixth time.  I rejoiced, for at once I became convinced that the Lord by the vision had shown me this would be the last time of the nervousness." A significant note of interest, in his vision was "a little boy about seven years of age ...who "looked just like I did at that age."  WB was seven years old, when he first heard "the voice", and confides he was seven years old when his first bout with this severe nervous condition began.  Which in the book confirms included a serious stomach/digestion problem), due to his father's "heavy drinking" and family dysfunction.  Under stress, WB has yet another vision, with a "man in black"- demon type symbolism/sighting (he said the man seemed to look like a demon).  He then states he thought "the doctor will want to operate and cut some of those nerves to the stomach", and concludes, the doctor's knife was related to his little knife in the vision, both being helpless to protect him (page 205).  WB's psychosomatic disorder was made clear by evidence of his own words.  His  mental states were obviously under heavy emotional distress, and he was plagued with spiritual oppression.  Psychological profiles are vast confirming the minds ability to survive and thrive despite such trauma wounds.  Our soul and tripartite nature (body, soul, spirit), is all affected by trauma and abuse.  The fact that WB turned to God under such emotional distress and demonic oppression, was the Holy Spirit's saving grace made manifest.  However, if one does serious study in review of WB's words, claims, voices and visions, his mental condition created a false religious construct that included every fraction and facet of his life.  Another words, his troubled, uneducated, anxiety, often depressed state of mind created a convoluted mind.  And in turn, a convoluted false cult like religious world view and following, which I shall further document in this article and relate back to.    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION RELATING TO WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM'S BIRTH AND TUMULTUOUS CHILDHOOD   William Marrion Branham was born weighing only 5 lbs to fifteen year old Ella Branham, in rather humble beginnings in a log cabin, in Burksville, Kentucky on April 6, 1909, ("William Branham - A Man Sent From God", by Gordan Lindsay, in collaboration with William Branham, chapter two, page 27).  The first of nine children, his father Charles, was a logger and an alcoholic addict, which made WB's childhood tumultuous.  WB as a child seems to have suffered from low self-esteem and a sense of abandonment and depression.  "The Revelation of the Seven Seals," Spoken Word Publications, we read on page 570,  WB's sad confession, "When I was a little boy, I loved people, and I always wanted somebody to love me and talk to me; nobody would do it because of the name of the family.  Nobody would talk to me.  But when I made my surrender to God, then our people's back-ground being Irish, I though maybe, (they was all Catholic)...maybe that would be it.  I went there, and he was some way, and I went down to the First Baptist Church, and he was another way.  I said, "Lord, there's got to be some way that's true."  And something said, "It's the word." This statement being yet another relevant fact and consideration, into possibly understanding why young WB began regularly hearing voices and modeling visions at the tender young age of seven.  He confirms he went to one church and then another, concluding both to be in error.   In reflection, he rightly confirms,  "the word" of God to be true.  Unfortunately, WB studied the word and mixed it up with various religious views, opinions, folk lure, occult, and put them all together and created a cult!  Many WB message followers remain in ignorance due to lack of study of his actual "words" (which were most often contradictory), and review of the" true account of his many visions and voices".  When a noted preacher and teacher quotes WB, in support of their own ministry efforts, BEWARE!  Yet, still today, many quote in unholy, false error, a regurgitation mixture of WB fact and fiction in order to support the claims of their own "It's Supernatural" ministries, signs and wonders claims.  Much of what is occurring in the various false charismatic movements we are witnessing and experiencing in the church today,  relates directly back to William M. Branham's false signs and wonders influence.  Satan is cunning, often entering the church by way of leading and backing false prophets who quote part truth with lies!  There is always a "supernatural demonic power source", which feeds and fuels such false cult agendas.  God says it is a wicked generation who seeks, and searches after such signs and wonders (Matthew 16:4). WILLIAM BRANHAM DISES EDUCATION AND PSYCHIATRISTS In, "Revelation of the Seven Seals," on page 27,  one reads:  WB wasn't against brethern who are in denominations, but admits to being against the system of denomination, offering belittling remarks concerning such; "because it tries to magnify itself and educate its ministers in such-and-such place, until if they don't have proper schooling and education, thery're ousted; and they have to stand the psychiatrist's test and so forth."  WB was obviously not keen on obtaining wisdom either (page 308):  "It's the smart, intellectual, wisdom; and wisdom is exactly the very thing that takes you away from God."  On the contrary, according to God's word - He provides wisdom, knowledge, and understanding (Proverbs Chapters 2, 3, 4, 8).     Perhaps WB was alluding to "education" getting in the way of obtaining by faith what God and His word proclaim.  As such, he obviously did not make this point of reference clear.  Was WB injecting the unconscious self-defense of his own lack of education?  As I analyze WB's spoken, recorded, and written words left behind, I see a man who had a deep rooted, lack of self esteem, and believed in God and His indwelling power to transform.  This of course is true.  However, WB's personality often verged into a highly emotional range, with paranoia dream and vision realms.  All of which lead him in the wrong direction, and into other worldly mental constructs.  And as a result of his world wide ministry, served to lead many other people in the wrong direction too.  In hindsight review of WB's nervous condition, his mention of having to pass a "psychiatrist's test" also offers reflective insight.  Could his opinion of psychiatrists (I admit there are many psychiatrists who are not equipped to handle their own emotional problems, let alone others), who might offer conflicting evaluation into his past fears, trauma, family dysfunction and abuse, thereby providing evidence of mental disabilities, also have been a suppressed fear?  After all, seeing visions, having hallucinations, hearing voices in regular conversation, is a sign of serious psychosis, when placed outside of God's ordained word and power.  Post traumatic stress is one of many emotional disorders, and is an emotional plight suffered by many.  "Researchers have shown that experiencing traumatic events in childhood increases the risk of developing the symptoms of psychosis later in life.  The results of research studies indicate that between 50 - 98 percent of people who have experienced the symptoms of psychosis have also experienced at least one traumatic event in their life, including physical, sexual, and emotional abuse." - (Mental Healthcare- -  retrieved 1/ 27/ 2016).  God's perfect love casts out fear (Judges 6:1-32; 1 John 4:8).  In WB's day, there were not many Christian's serving in the mental health field.  In 21st Century culture there are, thank God, Christian psychiatrists, who are dedicated in helping those who suffer emotional distress, in silence.  The poor often suffer from such emotional distressful conditions due to lack of ability to afford such medical help and care.  As such, let us not forget the helpful, listening and caring voice of a same sex, mature, Christian mentor, who can serve with biblical counsel, offering up spiritual strength and prayer, in such distressing times.  God indeed is a God who heals!  Yet in the ministry of WB, his angelic spirit guide is given much tribute.  To a blind, "colored girl" William Branham asked in order "to test her faith" in his message, "Do you believe those things that you have heard, especially when we have so many fine doctors today?"  Her reply, "Yes-suh, the doctors have failed to do anything for me.  I believe the story of the angel that visited Brother Branham is true...." - ("William Branham - A Man Sent by God", by Gordon Lindsay in collaboration with William Branham, page 95).  And again on page 77, one reads in all caps as it appears in this book  the account of WB's seeing a light which turned into a man clothed in a white robe who said not to fear as he was sent by God, and stated , "IF YOU WILL BE SINCERE, AND CAN GET THE PEOPLE TO BELIEVE YOU, NOTHING SHALL STAND BEFORE YOUR PRAYER, NOT EVEN CANCER".   WB went wrong due to lack of discipline in clinging to God's word as his sole and soul,  guide and counsel.  He so believed in his own dreams, visions, insights, and angel spirit guide counsel,  stating such messengers and revelations were directly from God. That his reasoning and thinking became skewed.  He believed his revelations were equal to God's holy inspired Bible.  As such, his revelation knowledge, dreams, and visions became both idol and god.  He replaced God with a lie.  So will we all fall, when we stray away from God's holy word, which heals, guards, seals, and protects us (Ephesians 6).  The word of God being the only word that was and is, divinely inspired (John 1:1).    In the end, and after many preachers warned, William Branham fell into Satan's temptation believing he was right, refusing to admit he could be deceived by his evil, demonic spirit - angel guide.  He was wrong, as God confirms, " Watch out that no one deceives you! "- (Matthew 24:4; Mark 13:5).  Watch out too, that Satan doesn't deceive you, disguising himself as an angel, in false light - (2 Corinthians 11:14).  Dead wrong too, is any ministry that focuses on what God can do by way of supernatural, extra-biblical physical manifestations, signs and wonders (service to self), instead of adherence to who God is (in loving service and relationship to others).  DEATH AND HARM CAME TO THOSE WHO OPPOSED WILLIAM M. BRANHAM'S MESSAGE.  I PROVIDE THE READER DOCUMENTATION THAT HIS MINISTRY "MESSAGE" PROMOTED SUCH CLAIMS: We as born again Christians (Romans 10:10; John 3:16-17), are under a new covenant of God, who offers mercy, grace, and love to all.  Under this new covenant, God is forever wooing the lost to come back home to Him, and the safety of His care.  He lovingly searches for lost sheep gone astray (Luke 15:3-7; Matthew 18:12-14).  When a ministry uses harm, death, destruction, and a foundation of fear, deception is near.  Furthermore, when death and harm come to those who oppose a claimed minister of God, and are touted, promoted, as evidence of God's hand in promotion of said minister.  When said minister is a false prophet, promoting extra-biblical, unholy, deceptive error and sway, as did William Branham.  Such ministry promotions do not stem from the heart and love of God, but rather create a spirit of fear and confusion.  God is not the author of fear and confusion, for He is a God of peace, in all churches of the saints. -  1st Corinthians 14:33.  It is Satan who comes only to harm, steal, kill, and destroy! (John 10:10).  He roars around like a lion seeking whom he can destroy and devour (1 Peter 5:8).  The following events are reported by WB, and his ministry, which emphasis death and harm themes involving those who opposed him (the prophet) or his message.  I will leave it to the reader to decipher from what "spirit" these cause and effects derive. Summarized from the book, "William Branham - A Man Sent From God" - By Gordon Lindsay in Collaboration with William Branham, with direct page notations cited for reader reference: * A woman left the meeting that night, rejecting the call of the spirit, walked a few steps, suffered a heart attack and fainted on the side walk.  William Branham prayed for her, she arose, admitting she had resisted God's call to her heart -  (Page 90). * William Branham told a medium, "Madam, quit doing these things and your heart will be all right.  She walked from the store only a short distance, when she suffered a heart attack and died right on the side walk" - (page 184). * A man stated to Branham, "Billy, you are welcome in my garage any time, but leave that fanatical religion outside."  WB commented back defending Jesus, after which the man gave a "snarling laugh", shook his hand at WB and walked out of the building.  Before he could get to his garage, his son-in-law backed out of the door with his truck filled with scrap iron, struck him, crushing both his feet and ankles -  (Page 184). * A woman was healed after prayer by WB of her crippled arm.  Another woman standing by is quoted as stating, "If that religion Billy Branham has is the true religion, I do not want any of it."  She turned away, stumbled over a board, fell to the ground, breaking her arm in 15 places.  The arm that was broken was said to be on the same side as the woman's that was healed- (Page 184). "IF YOU TRY TO PROVE THE "VINDICATED PROPHET BRANHAM" WRONG YOU COULD DIE.  OH MY, COULD I BE HEXED JUST FOR WRITING OBJECTIVELY ABOUT WILLIAM BRANHAM AS WELL?  DOES OUR HOLY FATHER, JESUS CHRIST, "HEX" THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE AND FOLLOW HIM?  NO, HE DOES NOT.  INSTEAD, GOD GIVES US CHANCE AFTER CHANCE TO FOLLOW THE LIGHT OF HIS GRACE, MERCY, AND LOVE."  - SYNTHIA ESTHER - 1/29/2016 From the 2012  ebook by Nathan Rivera, "A Logical Refutation of Branham's Message", chapter 1 - Fear is the Name of the Game, page 12,  we learn additional revelations of how fear indoctrination was used by both Branham and fellow message believers.  Rivera relates first hand account "vivid" details of a midweek Branham church service when a minister was called upon to conclude in prayer.   Before doing so, the minister made the sad announcement of a death notice of a former brother who had died in a car accident.   Rivera writes, "He it didn't stop there.  Pointing to a picture of the Sunset cloud hanging above him, he made a proclamation of the cause of his death: 'This brother tried to disprove the Sunset cloud that appeared to the prophet.  He tried to prove the prophet wrong.  Yesterday he was involved in a road accident, and he died.'"  Rivera then retells the story of a young boy who sought prayer from William Branham, having written his serious medical conditions down on a prayer card.  The boy had the guts to test the "prophet", and fake his condition.  Branham knew this, boldly confronted the inquisitive lad, and stated everything he had faked and written down on the card would happen to him!  Then it is reported by Branham, the boy was in serious condition the last he heard (page 13).  THE SUNSET CLOUD HOAX As I have stated, the Branham  camp first claimed the "Sun Light Hoax", followed by what I call the, "Sun Set Hoax".   This being a sun set cloud formation that looks much like a geoengineering smoke - haze ring, or what is commonly termed a chem trail effect.   This ringed cloud was reported to have appeared at sun set on February 28, 1963, in Flagstaff Arizona.  Pictures of the cloud appeared in print (Life Magazine- May 17, 1963, page 112) and was cited by WB and followers as evidence and confirmation of his vision of Seven Angels and end time revelations.  GOD IS THE SUN, THE CHURCH IS THE MOON,  CLAIMS WILLIAM BRANHAM Within the book, "An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages", (caps appear as written in the book), William Branham writes in a discourse stream of never ending, uncoherent, convoluted thought processes that boggles the mind.  Claiming, in seemingly all sincerity, signs in the heavens pointed to different church ages as reflected by various eclipse pattens of the moon.  Branham states (pages 357-359), "The church shines in the reflected light of Christ.  He is the SUN.  The church is  the MOON.  Thus this orb of light is the moon."  The Sun is Christ, the moon is the church?  This is extra Biblical blasphemy and points to pagan, sun god occult belief, and mystic gnosticism. On page 358 of this book, six pictures are shown of the *total eclipse of the moon when the "Pope of Rome (Paul the Sixth) went to Palestine" on a holy tour of Jerusalem.  Branham emphasizes on page 359, that he was the first pope to ever go to Jerusalem, was the "Sixth Pope", and named "Paul".  He then states (and I summarize), that the apostle Paul was the first messenger, that Pope Paul the Sixth, had the number of man (being six in the bible), as well as the name Paul.  And when this Pope visited Jerusalem, the "moon or the church went into total darkness".  Of course, this was due to the natural occurrence of the moons eclipse which Branham called, "the sign in the sky" (page 357).  Branham then concludes, all these facts are "more than a coincidence", and adamantly claims, "This is it.  This is the end.  This generation shall not pass away until all be fulfilled.  Even so Lord Jesus, come quickly!"  I did further research into these claims, and found this eclipse did occur on Dec. 30, 1963.    There are Branham followers (and those of other faiths), that claim stats and facts point to the years 2017 - 2018, when the tribulation period is due to begin.  Such predictions I prefer not to provide source documentation of, as I believe it is only our Father in Heaven that knows the exact time of His return (Mark 13:32).   * Total eclipses of the moon are often referred to as "Blood Moons" by some who write and, or preach on end time Bible prophecy.  IN THE BOOK, "ABSENT FATHERS, LOST SONS" - BY GUY CORNEAU, SAHMBHALA (BOSTON & LONDON), CHAPTER ONE, PAGE 31-32, WE ARE EDUCATED CONCERNING  THE PLIGHT OF CHILDREN RAISED WITHOUT A FATHER'S PRESENCE: "What lies behind these unconscious models?  The need for a father is a basic human archetypal need.  When this need is not personalized by a father's presence, it remains a crude need, nourished only by cultural images of the father ranging from the Devil to the Heavenly Father.  The more the father is absent, the less chance the child will have of humanizing him, and the more the unconscious need will express itself in primitive images.  These images will exert a great amount of pressure on the child's unconscious." Whether one uses the words, "archetypal needs",  to define the relationship between parents and children, is not important.  As "archetypal" defines being a model or proto type by which to conform.  We all agree, good parents should strive to be good role models.  WB suffered much, as admitted in his released life story account and writings, due to abuse and his father's "heavy drinking" addiction.  Such are the lives of many children raised in a home with an *addicted parent.  Chaos, turmoil, injustice, and abuse are ever present.  Of course our Heavenly Father can heal all our wounds and emotions.  However, a person cannot change what they refuse to admit.   * For Free Addiction Resource And Recovery Help, Please Visit Our Main Website at:   EXCITEMENT AND SENSATIONALISM, IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE, A DRAW FOR MANY SIGNS AND WONDERS SEEKERS... WB writes on page 570, of the book,"Revelation of the Seven Seals", "I'm not - that I'm not a speakers; but why would people sit and listen like that?  Why would they do it?  They don't come to hear a person like me, but they're coming because there's something in it drawing the people.  There's something in it that's drawing them."     A worthy side point (aside from WB's dependence on angel spirit guidance), was that he also believed in "Oneness" theology ( Jesus only, denying the Trinity,) Serpent seed doctrine (Satan and Eve had sex in the Garden of Eden, and Cain was born), and many other aberrant, teachings.  There have been many researchers who have written critically, about WB's false teachings. One of which is the website: (former followers of WB who now claim his ministry was filled with "discrepancies" and "folklore" serving up a compilation of "inconsistent fictional stories" based on "little truth").  This website offers a wealth of free documented information relating to WB and his "Message", for the astute Christian reader.  Another site of note opinion, - (Peter M. Duyzer- author of the book about WB and his ministry, titled: "Legends of the Fall", website).  I have not reviewed "all" of the subject matter provided on these websites, however, note them as evidence that others have found WB and his ministry, to be filled with questionable biblical error, providing proof, evidence, and documentation as such. WHAT DREW PEOPLE TO WILLIAM M. BRANHAM'S MESSAGE?  THE POWER OF THE LAWLESS ONE (2 THESSALONIANS 2:9). Why did people seek out and believe in William Branham's many unbiblical myths, following him in cult like status?  There will always be people who are deceived, because they refuse to seek out the truth of God's word for themselves.  Without the truth of God's word,  lies are easily believed - (Col. 2:8; 1 John 4:11; 2 Tim. 3:13). Just like those who went to Lakeland, Florida to hear occult seer, false prophet Todd Bently, many sincerely hoped to be healed.  Others attracted to excitement and sensationalism,  I would assume, wanted to know and hear WB's, "other worldly stories, themes, and dramatic hype, filled with shock and awe."  While still others simply believed WB was a humble man of God, who wanted to help people.  Why do people believe in evidences they cannot confirm are supported by the Bible, and are in fact, contrary to God's word?   Such confirms what their inner heart desires.  Bob Larson, "Larson's New Book of Cults," pages 156-157, writes of WB,  "Many of his contemporaries were concerned about the spiritualistic overtones exhibited by Branham's gift of healing.  The presence of a disease would set off vibrations, causing his hand to swell.  Sometimes he would see a fiery ball dance about the room and then hover over those upon whom he would pronounce healing."  Bob Larson was actually present during a 1965 Branham meeting when the ball of fire supposedly appeared.  Larson states on page 157 of his book, "No visible phenomenon was evident to the audience, but many of those present accepted Branham's explanation without question.  But despite persistent warnings from fellow ministers that his visions might be demonic, Branham was undeterred."  Why are there preachers still quoting and promoting William Branham's messages, despite knowing many are "not" biblical,, instead being filled with Satanic deception, influence and vice?  As many investigative researchers have shown and proven, providing abundant quotes spoken and or written by WB, after many hours of pain staking review of his tapes, sermons, written words, and news sources. Much of the hype about WB, has been proven to not always be biblical.  Let us remember, this is one of Satan's greatest ploys, mixing truth with lies.  This was also the deceptive method Satan used to tempt Jesus Christ - (Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-13), who gloriously prevailed against the adversary.  So must we.  The above question, should be at the top of the list of all inquisitive, bible believing Christians and investigative, research reporters.  The answer to this question, "God only knows the heart of such person's"- (Psalm 17:3; 44:21; 139:1-4).  We are to purify our hearts towards Him (Matthew 5:8). POST SCRIPT: "WHY APOLOGETIC, CHRISTIAN INVESTIGATIVE RESEARCHERS ARE A NEEDED MINISTRY" The reason I rewrote the "William Branham" article a new, (completed in January 2016, providing additional information and research sources), was that I was prompted by God's Holy Spirit to do so after reading a book by author, preacher, evangelist, and "Voice of Evangelism Ministries" founder, Perry Stone.  Being a Christian investigative, apologetic researcher,  is not always a welcomed calling.   However, it is a necessary calling and ministry, for there are souls at stake, with many being lead down a dark path of aberrant destruction.  Let me be the first to say,  I like Perry Stone, have gone and personally heard him speak in conferences, guest appearances, revivals, and have quoted him. Like William Branham, Stone is a very good story teller, recounting events in the news while relating them to Bible prophecy.  There are those who call this form of preaching, "news eschatology", and I agree.  I believe Stone is a sincere believer, with educational insights into these end times.  Some of which I agree with, other times Stone's opinions border on "extra-biblical" lure.  However, the bible is my first guide in life, and is the word upon which another word, including, but not limited to Perry Stone's words, are evaluated and  held accountable.  So it was in the beginning of December, 2015, when I first read Perry Stone's book, "Deciphering End Time Prophetic Codes", Charisma House, 2015, (all Stone's quotes so used, stem from page 93, of this book), that my soul and spirit was placed on "alert".   As I sat in shock to read Stone's endorsement of the false prophet, WB, as par and course for his documentation and "code" research, even after he called WB, "controversial".   Stone writes,"One quite controversial minister from Dad's era was William Branham." Like Stone, I come from a fourth generational heritage of protestant and Pentecostal, spiritual believers, preachers, and teachers.  Unlike Perry Stone, I would not call myself a "charismatic believer".  The very use of the word "charismatic" being contrary to true, biblical seeking,  Penetcostal believers.  There are now many Pentecostals and protestants alike who are having to leave the church they have attended for years, due to being taken over by the false anointing of many, "charismatic signs and wonders seekers".   Matthew 16:4, confirms such sign and wonder seekers come forth from a wicked generation.  True Pentecostals (2 Chapter of Acts believers), hold fast to God's word as final source and guide, being the primary source of their faith, fully acknowledging God heals, with signs and wonders following believers (Acts 17:11).  However, when the signs and wonders are placed above importance, and are twisted, magnified, hyped up, glorified, misconstrued, and placed above God and His word (which is what many charismatic's do), we sin and are deceived (Matthew 16:4).  The late David Wilkerson, being one such Pentecostal preacher, who preached against seeker sensitive, prosperity covetous, signs and wonders false prophets and religious movements. Perry Stone writes within his above mentioned book, about William M. Branham, in the wave of healing revivals that erupted in America in the 1940's and 1950's, stating it was "the seed sprouting into the charismatic movement of the 1960's".  He confirms in hagiographical (excessive flattering) light,  WB's life and ministry was filled with out-of-the-ordinary, supernatural natural encounters with God.  He cited in part, quotes made by WB, leaving out any and all negative concepts which were actually spoken by WB.  Stone further stated, if there had not been "eye witnesses, and close associates" who had personally authenticated them, "some miracles would seem too far-fetched".  By his own admission, Perry Stone links William Branham, and himself, to the charismatic mania, of the New Apostolic Reformation movement, which many congregations have in error, embraced!  When a preacher such as Perry Stone, who is noted for end times research and teaching, cannot see he is embracing an end time cult and demonic delusion, such as false prophet, WB's hyped charismatic, occult sway, one needs to question their spiritual discernment.  All who follow such cults are being lead far astray and away from God, and the simple truth of His word (2 Thess. 2:8-12), If Perry Stone had done his investigative research concerning William Branham, (as I and many others have), instead of going to and quoting from the main, favorable website promoting him and his "Message".   He would have found, many of WB's claims, beliefs, and miracles (documented, written and spoken), were "too far-fetched", because "many" were not authentically true!  Hyped up and perhaps believed in by WB, (which I conclude could be a result of past abuse, suffering a traumatic, dysfunctional, upbringing, resulting in emotional and mental illness and disorder), nonetheless, not true in many cases.  Furthermore, WB had extra-biblical occult, new age, pagan leanings, which by Stone's endorsement, are accepted as extra-biblical truths too!  Links so mentioned, point to Perry Stone, as now being as controversial as William Branham!  When any preacher, or religious movement, turns away from examining and exposing false fruit, as it relates to biblical instruction, they dwell on unholy ground, and are a cursed people (Jeremiah 17:5-9).   Ironically, in wikipedia's, William M. Branham, page (retrived 12/31/2015), the word "controversial" is also used to describe WB and "The Message" he promoted, to a world of people captivated with his charm, and other worldly charisma.  And I quote: "William Marrion Branham (April 6, 1909 – December 24, 1965) was an American Christian minister, generally acknowledged as initiating the post World War II healing revival.[1][2] American historian, David Edwin Harrell Jr. described him as: an unlikely leader....his preaching was halting and simple beyond belief. But William Branham became a prophet to a generation. A small, meek, middle-aged man with piercing eyes, he held audiences spellbound with tales of constant communication with God and angels. Night after night, before thousands of awed believers he discerned the diseases of the sick and pronounced them healed.[3] Branham's most controversial revelation was his claim to be the end-time "Elijah" prophet of the Laodicean Church age.[4][5] His theology seemed complicated and bizarre to many people who admired him personally.[6] In his last days, Branham's followers had placed him at the center of a Pentecostal personality cult. Other than those that still follow him as their prophet, Branham has faded into obscurity. Robert Price (as quoted by Douglas Weaver) summarized Branham's legacy as follows: In the days of his prominence, the 1950's, what Spirit-filled believer did not know his name? Yet today, we may wonder, what believer does?[7]" ANY NEGATIVE OPINIONS ABOUT WILLIAM M. BRANHAM, ARE BIASED, SAYS PERRY STONE Not only did Perry Stone endorse false prophet William M. Branham, but he rebuked those (including called by God, fellow Christian aologetics, such as myself) who write about him  in any thing other than glowing terms, because they did not know him personally?  Once again I quote from Stone's book, as he writes, "Those judging him negatively today often read opinionated Internet blogs from people who never knew him, but formed biased opinions based on certain doctrinal issues or actions by some of his followers."  This is not true.  And there are now many Christian's standing up in apologetic, investigative research response to any and all, biblical error.  Please Note Stone's use of the word, "biased", which I shall refer back to. Websites are maintained and paid for, and are often used and quoted by Stone himself, in many of his books.  The website (a division of "Synthia Esther Ministries"), is a free ministry source exposing biblical truth from fiction, being an investigative, apologetic outreach, commissioned by God and reaching the World for Jesus Christ, since 2007.  All for free, and not a part of a 501 C3, state and church affiliated group, which allows the government ultimate control over what is spoken, written, or said.  On a side note, I am also the author of several blog posts. Now there is a lot of miss-quoted fact and fiction on the Internet (and in books), however, I diligently investigate,  research, and personally resource, every thing I print.   The internet being a chosen medium God uses in these end times, reaching the World over.  Let's review what Perry Stone confirms, as "evidence' for his positive, glowing opinions about William Branham and his "Message": Stone states, he knew people who knew WB, however, he nor his father knew WB personally.   Yet Stone uses this very fact in placing internet bloggers in error, because they do not know WB, and therefore often have "biased" negative, opinions.  Stone concludes, such negative opinions being based upon, "certain doctrinal issues or actions by some of his (meaning WB) followers."  In a court of law, Stone's readily admitted second hand evidence and word of mouth, is not easily accepted, (I know this as fact, having had over five years of legal, and court experience). Therefore, Stone's words relating other words from people who worked with WB, sat under his ministry, one of which being WB's organ player, holds little weight when gauged against WB's own words.  WB's own words, being first hand evidence.  (i I thought about why Perry Stone would make this strange, puzzling, perplexing statement.  For there are many people who are not known personally, yet their works and words remain and live on (as does Stone's and mine for that matter), as authors, speakings, news sources, etc..., by which they are held accountable.   Furthermore, I found Stone's quoting of people who knew and worked for WB, might have been, and some probably were, paid for their services.  Thus, there could be incentive to hold a certain bias towards WB's work, for it was in part, their work too. Likewise, Stone's code book, as mentioned, has at it's core extra-biblical, "signs, wonders, codes, visions, prophecies, dreams, etc...", including those by his own father,  which in much the same tone, is like WB and ministries message.  Which is why (in my opinion), Stone quoted and sourced, WB in the first place, using such as evidence of supernatural fact.  Fact and fiction, was par and course of WB's ministry.  Stone's "Deciphering End-Time Prophetic Codes" book, had a price tag of $16.99, which is a paid for product, promoting extra-biblical,  supernatural works of God.  Evidence of possible incentive, is once again taken to note.  Since when is it a standard in God's work, to place "fact with fiction" in support of biblical truth?  Which is what Perry Stone has done in quoting and promoting William M. Branham (and his message ministry), as being a true prophet of God.  In doing so, Perry Stone has merge into a "business of selling God". instead of proclaiming, the inerrant "truth of God."  Many ministries throughout history have done the same.  Let me be blunt and honest, the "supernatural sells!"  And it is a big, selling business for many!  And as long as the public is taken in by, and caught up in supernatural signs and wonders, and buys such products, they will remain best sellers.  Meanwhile, the bible sits on a dusty shelf, hardly worn, and barely read.  And we wonder why our World is in chaos and filled with sin's evil, destructive vice?  It is a sin and spiritual error to place any man's word, above God's.  Likewise, t is a sin to seek after signs and wonders (Matthew 16:4).  WHOSE OPINION HOLDS REAL BIAS?  BLOGGERS, WRITERS, AUTHORS, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTERS, RESEARCHERS, WHO WRITE NEGATIVELY ABOUT WILLIAM BRANHAM, OR PERRY STONE AND THOSE HE QUOTES IN AGREEMENT WITH HIS CONCLUSIONS? Based upon my elaborated conclusions, I believe, with evidence so stated, that it is Perry Stone who seems to show a "self-serving bias", and the quoting of those who agree and glorify William M. Branham, providing linked evidence of "group serving bias".  Psychology dictionary (, retrieved 12/30/2015) -  Self-serving bias: " we interpret an event in a way that gives us credit or success and denies any responsibility for failure.  It is a kind of self-deception.  Compare it with group serving bias." Stone's entire "Deciphering End-Time Prophetic Codes" book is itself,  an offering up, of extra-biblical, codes, dreams, visions, signs and wonders.  All of which I have not investigated, nor claim to be untrue.  Such is not the purpose nor scope of my authorship of this thesis.  However, when any preacher, teacher, or person for that matter, writes about a "false prophet" (as was WB), in glowing terms, as coming forth as a witness, testimony, or word of knowledge directly from God, as God's servant.  I have serious doubts placed in my mind about everything else that was possible to have been missed in regards to their opinions, research, and writings, for such is not a simple error nor mistake.  And believe me, in innocence, I have made many errors and mistakes (please read the disclaimer on all "Synthia Esther Ministries" websites).  At which point, I admit my error, pray to God for forgiveness, and rectify my stances.  I pray Perry Stone wakes up, and does the same.    WILLIAM M. BRANHAM MADE MANY FALSE PROPHECIES... WB made "many false prophecies", which have been well documented and quoted in an abundance of books and websites.  One such false prophecy was an infamous 1977 dooms day prediction (which he related several different times), summed up: "that 1977 ought to terminate the world systems and usher in the millennium" - Seven Church Ages, page 322.   He used the word "predict" and some have interpreted this prophecy, or "prediction" to mean a turning point in the history of the world, while others claim he obviously was speaking from the realm of the demonic through his Angel spirit guide.  Tis better to trust in God, I say.  For the world is still in the palm of His loving hand, and we that are alive and remain are still able to proclaim the glory and sound doctrine of His word, which does not lie (Numbers 23:19).   Do not trust the word of man, trust God's word alone which states no man shall know the day nor the hour of His glorious return - Matthew 25:13.  PERRY STONE QUOTED IN HAGIOGRAPHICAL SWAY,  WILLIAM BRANHAM'S VISIONS WITHIN HIS " DECIPHERING END-TIME PROPHETIC CODES"  BOOK, CITING THE MAIN PROMOTING WILLIAM BRANHAM WEBSITE (WHICH SELLS THE MESSAGE PRODUCTS AS WELL), AS HIS SOURCE.  HOWEVER, HE LEFT OUT PARTS WHICH CONTAINED ANY NEGATIVE CONTROVERSY. I QUOTE WILLIAM BRANHAM'S ACTUAL WORDS AS WRITTEN, IN AN EXCERPT FROM HIS BOOK, "AN EXPOSITION OF THE SEVEN CHURCH AGES", VOICE OF GOD RECORDINGS, DISTRIBUTED BY WILLIAM BRANHAM EVANGELISTIC ASSOCIATION, P.O. BOX 325, JEFFERSONVILLE, INDIANA, USA, 47131, PAGE 321 : THE LAODICEAN AGE - "The laodicean Age began around the turn of the Twentieth Century, perhaps 1906.  How long will it last?  As a servant of God who had had multitudes of visions, of which NONE has ever failed, let me predict (I did not say prophesy, but predict) that this age will end around 1977.  If you will pardon a personal note that came to me one Sunday morning in June 1933.  The Lord Jesus spoke to me and said that the coming of the Lord was drawing nigh, but that before He came seven major events would transpire.  I wrote them all down and that morning I gave for the revelation of the Lord."  William Branham's Seven Visions Included: * Musolini invading Ethiopia, and that nation "would fall at his steps."  * Hitler would rise up as a German dictator, and would "come to a mysterious end." * Politics - three great ISMS - Facism, Nazism, Communism, with the first two "swallowed up into the third." * Science and technology advances - A plastic bubble-topped car that ran on its own under remote control, without a steering wheel, while people played with "some sort of a game to amuse themselves" * The Fifth Vision included problems involving women and their rightful place in Branham's world view.  William Branham states (page 322), "God showed me that women began to be out of their place with the granting of the vote.  Then they cut off their hair, which signified that they were no longer under the authority of a man but insisted on either equal rights, or in most cases, more than equal rights.  She adopted men's clothing and went into state of undress, until the last picture I saw was a woman naked except for a little fig leaf type apron.  With this vision I saw the terrible perversion and moral plight of the whole world."  * The Sixth Vision - A beautiful, but cruel women held the people in her "complete power".  William Branham states, "I believed that this was the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, though I knew it could possible be a vision of some woman rising in great power in America due to a popular vote by women." * The Seventh Vision included a terrible explosion, with "nothing but debris, craters, and smoke all over the land of America." Willaim Branham then concludes (on Page 322), "Based on these seven visions, along with the rapid changes which have swept the world in the last fifty years.  I PREDICT (I do not prophesy) that these visions will have all come to pass by 1977.  And though many may feel that this is an irresponsible statement in view of the fact that Jesus said that 'no man knoweth the day nor the hour',  I still maintain this prediction after thirty years because, Jesus did NOT say no man could know the year, month or week in which His coming was to be completed.  So I repeat, I sincerely believe and maintain as a private student of the Word, along with Divine inspiration, 1977 ought to terminate the world systems and usher in the millennium".  Capitol letters are written exactly as they appear in William Branham's, "An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages", book.  Of which the introduction page includes the following time documentation: "Brother William Marrion Branham preached a series of sermons on December 4-11, 1960, to receive inspiration for the Message he has written in this book, and then he personally edited this book many times during the five years before it was distributed on December 4, 1965."  I have in my personal Library many of William Branham's books, and have studied his ministry for about a decade.  I have focused on these seven visions and his false, "1977 Millennium Prediction",  as Perry Stone, and others, are still quoting this false prophet, using these sources, and leading many people astray! SYNTHIA ESTHER'S BRIEF REVIEW OF WILLIAM BRANHAM'S SEVEN VISIONS:  I think a women having the right to vote is God sent!  As woman were always help mates created by God, for good reason, with minds that can hold true to His values and Biblical instruction, just as well as any man.  Therefore, giving equal voice of choice in vote for men and women alike, is what is best in deciding the leadership for America.  As for the moral decay in this country, it lays on the lap of both male and female alike, as both sin.  It is a very misogynist attitude to think otherwise.  Technology has increased, as the Bible claimed such knowledge would occur (Daniel 12:4).   However, we are not driving self propelled cars.  And American has not been demolished in total at the time of this writing, by debris, craters, and smoke all over the land.  Nor has a beautiful woman taken over America and held it's people in complete power or the Roman Catholic Church serving in part, or full cause.  Most importantly I cite the evidence that none of these predictions happened by the year 1977,  which is when William M. Branham stated termination of the world systems and an ushering of the millennium was suppose to occur! However, the worst part of WB's false predictions is his rewriting of the Bible itself, stating that God did not say no man could know the year, month or week in which His coming was to be completed.  And I repeat God's word analogy,  which tells us to keep watch because we do not know the day or the hour of His return (Matthew 25:13).  Why would God tell us to keep watch if He did not mean what He said?  Matthew 25 tells the story of ten virgins, five of which were wise, and kept watch for their bridegroom's soon coming, trimming their lamps and taking extra oil in jars to keep the lamps lit.  Five of which were foolish, and did not take extra oil for their lamps.  When they went to go buy more oil the bridegroom arrived and the five wise ones who were prepared, waiting and ready, went into the wedding banquet and the door was shut (Matthew 25:14).  Not to be opened again when the five foolish virgins returned.  The moral to this Jewish marriage custom story, is a simple one.  We are to remain on watch, prepared and ready, for we will not know when our Lord, the bridegroom returns"!  Nor did William branham know the "year" (1977 was his "prediction"), of the Lord's return.  ADDITIONAL NOTES RELATED TO WILLIAM BRANHAM'S MINISTRY MESSAGE, AND DEATH: William Marrion Branham died on December 24, 1965 at 4:49 PM at the Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo, Texas, in a tragic car accident.  Ironically, killed by an intoxicated driver who collided head on with Branham's car. *Inscribed on WB's Tombstome are the names of the seven churches of Revelation.   On the opposite face are the names of seven "significant" men whose lives were declared to have had an impact on the church throughout its history.  According to one online website, *"If  the two faces of the pyramid were juxtaposed one over the other, we would see the names of the churches superimposed over the men' names in the following order, from bottom to top. SYNTHIA ESTHER'S ADDITIONAL RESEARCH NOTES RELATING TO FREE MASONRY: *This I cannot personally attest to having not been to, nor seen WB's pyramid tombstone except by way of posted photos in book reference and by way of online internet photos confirming as such.  What I do know from in depth researching of William Marrion Branham and his ministry by way of books, bios, tapes, is that he had deep occult and metaphysical leanings, including divination of clouds in the air and sky (1963 Flagstaff - Arizona Sunset cloud formation hoax - controversy) , which is termed "Aeromancy."  This cloud formation looks exactly like current day geoengineering (chem trails effects).   Also shown along with many of WB's pyramid tombstone pictures, is the pyramid tombstone of Charles Taze Russell, (Watch Tower, Jehovah Witnesses founder).  Also like William Branham, Charles Taze Russell, is claimed by many critics to have had Masonic ties.  Russell held services in a masonic hall (as did Branham), in San Francisco on June 1913 (retrieved from Wikipedia, January 31, 2016 - quoting sermon titled "Temple of God").  And I quote: "The Temple of God" - Sermon title, convention reports sermons pages 359-365.  Russell states, "But now I am talking about this great order of Massonry of which Jesus is the grand master.  This order is to be entered in a peculiar way.  the low gate, the narrow way, the difficult path.  Although I have never been a Mason,  I have heard that in Masonry they have something which very closely illustrates all of this."  Other researchers have claimed much the same as myself, concerning WB's pagan, occult, leanings.  He is quoted as believing in three biblical revelations.  The first being the Bible, the other two being the Zodiac in the sky, and the pyramid back in the days of Enoch: Robert Livesay, Understanding Deception, New Wine Press 1989, confirmed by additional cited sources including but not limited to: Al Dagar, Vengeance is Ours, page 59, (Mike Oppenheimer, Let us Reason Ministries ( - The Teachings of "the Prophet" William Branham,  What Did William Branham Really Believe?, retrieved 1/7/2016). AS QUOTED FROM WILLIAM BRANHAM'S TAPE: "WHAT TIME IS IT SIR?" - AND AS WRITTEN WITHIN THE BOOK, "THE REVELATION OF THE SEVEN SEALS", SPOKEN WORD PUBLICATIONS, TUCSON, ARIZONA, PUBLISHED DECEMBER, 1967, PAGES SO REFERENCED: Branham states, "And if your're listening to the tape of the "What Time Is It, Sir?" you will notice one Angel was very notable to me.  The rest of them just seemed ordinarily; but this Angel was a noted Angel.  He was to my left in the constellation in a form of a pyramid.  And you remember, it was in the pyramid where the mysterious white rock was not written on.  And the Angels took me into that pyramid of themselves - the mysteries of God known only to them.  And now, they were the messengers that come to interpret that pyramid or that Message of the secret of these Seven Seals which lays with inside the pyramid." (Page 578).  Now I cite much the logic as William Branham promoters, who relating his birth and sun light shining through a window and onto his face (which I called, "The Sunlight Hoax"); "Who can say that it was not the presence of the angel who, under the direction of God, has gifted William Branham in many life events of his life, and who later was to speak to him in person?"   And I now ask the reader to prove, "Who can say that it was not the presence of the angel who, under the direction of Satan, has gifted William Branham in the many life events of his life, and who later was to speak to him in person?"   DID SATAN HIMSELF APPEAR TO WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM IN THE FORM OF AN EXTRA-ORDINARY ANGEL?  Branham confirms, "Now, the Angel was to my left, would really be the last, or seventh Angel, if we would count them from left to right, because he was on my left, me looking to him towards the west," (578).   Occultism is often referred to as the left hand path.  It is Jesus Christ who sits on the right hand of God (Luke 22:69). Branham confirms, "Now, you see, friends, visions doesn't fail; they're always perfect; they're just exactly true.  Now, the vision plus the Word, plus history, plus the church ages, and all bled together.  So, I could truly say that to the best of my understanding and according to the Word of God and the vision and the revelation, the interpretation thereof is THUS SAITH THE LORD!" - (page 579).  Visions do fail and are not always true!  Most especially when they come forth from the mouth of a man who has a case history of trauma, abuse, and depression.  Who cites God hexes, and brings death and harm to those who do not follow William Branham's message.  Visions, dreams, words of knowledge, that mix biblical truth with theosopifical lies, pagan and occult themes, come forth from "THUS SAITH SATAN".   Such lies and deceptions are certainly not sent by God, our Holy Father, Savior, and Friend.  Who came to fulfill the law as our sin substitute (John 3:16-17).  He offers grace, mercy, and love, to all those who call and claim Him Lord (Romans 10:10).   He desires to give us a hope, and blessed future (Jeremiah 29:11).  WILLIAM BRANHAM'S TOMBSTONE PYRAMID, WITH NAMES QUOTED IN JUXTAPOSED ORDER: Ephesian - Paul Smyrnean - Ireneaus Pergamean - Martin Thyatirean - Columba Sardisean - Luther Philadelphian - Wesley Laodicean - Branham     KINGDOM THEOLOGY / ALSO CALLED DOMINION THEOLOGY, AND MANIFESTING THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH.   A FALSE CONCEPT BY WHICH "CHRISTIANS ARE TO REACH A STATE OF PERFECTION ON EARTH, BEFORE CHRIST CAN RETURN,"   THIS IS ALSO A MAJOR POINT AND CONCEPT WITHIN THE NEW AGE BELIEF SYSTEM, AS THEY STRIVE TO USHER IN THE ACCESSION OF A UNIVERSAL "CHRIST'S CONSCIOUSNESS."   THEIR "UNIVERSAL CHRIST," BY WAY OF TERMINOLOGY, IS NOT LIMITED TO BELIEF IN JESUS CHRIST.    To many Kingdom Theology proponents WB was perhaps the greatest "Prophet" for the church's final age.  Influenced by Franklin Hall, and his teachings on what he called, "God's Seventh Church Age," which is supposedly the final move of God before the manifestation of His Kingdom on earth.  Branham primarily based this teaching on Joel 2:23 and Revelation 1:20; 3:22 (Wikpedia).  And claimed that the angels (messengers) to the churches were men who were anointed at various times throughout church history to usher in revelations that would lead the church in new directions according to the purpose of God. Source:   The message series of sermons on the "Seven Seals," (Rev. 6:1-17; Rev. 8:1) as noted in the book, "The Revelation Of The Seven Seals," William Marrion Branham, Spoken word Publications - Tucson, Arzona, dated March 17, 1963 A.M., Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A., was held in high esteem by Branham.  In the forward of this book, written by Billy Paul Branham, one can read:  "The word of the Lord has promised that He would send to the earth the spirit of Elijah in the form of that End Time Messenger who was the Angel to the Seventh church Age...We believe firmly that this promise was fulfilled in the vindicated ministry of our precious brother, William Marrion Branham....Of the hundreds of thousands of visions which the Lord gave to brother Branham around the world, not one time has there ever occurred a vision which was not confirmed and attested to be the Word of the Lord." This is not true.  As many of Branham's  visions and dreams have, after pain staking research by many reviewers, both Christian and secular alike, have shown with evidence by way of Branham's quoted texts, books, tapes, as well as personal witness, have proven.  Satan is a very clever agent of deception and destruction.  When we trade in the words of man as being the very mouth piece of God, we are subject to fall.   For only God's word is Holy, Righteous, and True! -  (Psalm 119:160; John 17:17; Proverbs 30:5; 2 Timothy 3:16). WILLIAM M. BRANHAM'S CONVOLUTED RELIGIOUS SEMASIOLOGY (THE STUDY OF SIGNS AND RELATIONSHIPS AND WHAT THEY REPRESENTED)  - THE EAGLE: Branham confirms the Eagle's importance: "Now we're into the age of the Eagle - the revelation to be revealed - the whole thing.  Now, compare this with Revelation the 10th chapter, verse 1 to 7, and we'll see here int his Revelation .... the Revelation here, 10:1-7, that in the days of the sounding of the Seventh Angel's Message was to finish up all the mysteries of God."  - (page 574). Branham confirms the Eagle was God's Word: "God sent something to combat it.  See?  Then when He got down to the eagle, that was His Word, back like it was in the first place." - (Page 369).  "Then the last power, He brings down the eagle to restore the children back to the original faith again of the fathers - the Eagle Age.  Then did you notice?  All of the mysteries of God would be revealed - the eagle." (Page 358 - emphasis exactly as written in the book on the words Eagle Age). WILLIAM BRANHAM, A FALSE PROPHET, WARNS OF MASSES ABOUT "FALSE PROPHETS" AND TELLS ABOUT A SECRET "THIRD PULL POWER" "If Satan should get a hold of it, he might do a great damage.  There's one thing he don't know.  Now he can  interpret anything he wants, and impersonate any kind of gift (I hope you are learning but he can't know this.  It's not even written in the Word!  It's a total secret!  The Angels, everything shut up!  If they made one move it might give something away, so they just shut up, quit harping; everything stopped." ....."Remember, Satan will try to impersonate!  He'll try to impersonate everything that the Church will do.  He's tried to do it.  We've noticed it through the antichrist; but this is one he cannot impersonate.  There'll be no mimics to this, see because he don't know it!  There's no way for him to know it.  It's the Third Pull.  He just knows nothing about it, see.  He doesn't understand it...'. - (Page 558- 559). WHAT IS THE SECRET THIRD PULL WILLIAM BRANHAM CLAIMS SATAN DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT? Branham confirms, (emphasis same as written in the book): "I'm not prone to be a fanatic - just telling the Truth.  But you remember, the little shoe that I always tried to explain, how that the soul laid next to so-and-so and inner-conscience and all that kind of stuff, which it only made a big bunch of impersonations start after it.  How you'd have to take up the hand, and hold the people and have vibration, and everybody had a vibration in their hand.  But do you remember when He took me up there and said, 'This is that Third Pull, and no one will know it!' Do you remember that?  Visions never fail!  They're perfectly the Truth."  (Page 559).   THE THIRD PULL - THE SEVENTH SEAL REVELATION AS TOLD TO WILLIAM BRANHAM BY HIS DEMONIC ANGEL SPIRIT GUIDE WHO HE CONFIRMED WAS MICHAEL, THE CHRIST The third pull was often referenced by WB within this same book, which he confirms included signs and wonders of a vibration in the hand and body, and an internal voice.   In WB's words,  "And I had my hands out, and all at once something hit my hand.  I don't know.  I can't say.  did I go to sleep? - I don't know.  Did I go into a trace? - I don't know.  Was it a vision? I can't tell you.  The only thing I can say is from what i...  Just the same like them Angels was.  And it struck my hand, and I looked and it was a sword, and it had pearl handles - real pretty; and had a guard over it with gold, and the blade booked like, something like a chrome, like silver, only it was real shiny.  And it was featheredged sharp, oh my!....".  Branham confirmed he was always afraid of "them things" "when a Voice shook down and rocked the rocks!  Said, 'It's the Sword of the King' and then I come out of it.'"  (Page 562). Branham then concludes, "See the mystery and secret?  The Third .... Standing there, when this left me, something just come to me and said, 'Don't fear.'  Now, I didn't hear no voice - like on the inside of me spoke.  I just tell you the truth, just exactly what happened.  Something hit and said, 'Don't fear This is that Third Pull.'" (Page 562).  However, the core message of the Third Pull Revelation by Branham's mighty, demonic angel, confirms it was Branham himself, and those who follow his occult "Message" leanings.  William Branham states in the second to last page of his "The Revelation of the Seven Seals" (578), the exact revelation as given by this angel, "What is it?  It's been the Holy Spirit sending down these messengers, and they have been revealing it to us.  And then notice how it's dovetailed with the Word, exactly."  If a reader has gotten thus far, they will know without a shadow of a doubt, that William Branham has uttered a very prophetic word relating to this "Third Pull".  He tells us messengers, like him, were sent as part of a "Third Pull" mission.  He states this "Third Pull" relates to the end times and God's word.  He tells us this "Third Pull" message revelation was related to him by an Angel, who guided and directed him.  I conclude, this "Third Pull" is indeed part of God's end time revelation and warning!  What is it?  False prophets will come in the last age to lead the whole world astray (Colossians 2:8; Acts 20:27-32).  Lead by Lucifer's mightiest angels, they "whisper" words of demonic wisdom into the ears of their chosen targets.  If their target takes the bait, they seal the deal  offering up extra-biblical revelations in order to lead the whole world astray and far away from God and His word.  William Branham was one such target.  However, their have been many others in times past, present, and will be in the future, who have claimed angelic contact by which extra-biblical revelations were received.  The New Age movement is filled with angel channeling claims.  Here is my short list of some of the most infamous: Mohammad and the angel Gabriel, whereby the faith of Islam, Allah, and the Qur'an, was received and proclaimed.  Joseph Smith, who was sent the angel Moroni.  The angel Michael, the Christ, has been proclaimed by William Branham, Jehovah Witness - Charles Taze Russell, Urantia bible (along with a host of 1,111 Midwayer angels - please visit the website page for my apologetic investigative report on the background of this cult), and Seventh Day Adventist - Ellen G. White. Todd Bently, touted his angel contact named, Emma, Buck Rogers (author of the book, "Angels on Assignment") claims several angels conversed with him,  providing extra-biblical knowledge.  All these angelic communications have one thing in common, they combine parts of the Holy Bible, in support of their apocryphal  revelations.  IN CONCLUSION: Our loving Father, Savor, and Friend, warns:  if anyone adds words to His inspired word, they are accursed (Revelation 22:18; Galatians 1:8)).  True Angels sent by our Lord and Savior do not preach or guide those to follow another gospel that is contrary to God's word (Galatians 1:8).  An angel in light could be Satan who can disguise himself as appealing to our ego  (2 Cor. 11:14).  An angel in disguise could be a seducing, misleading spirit (1 Timothy 4:1).  True Angels sent by God usually remain anonymous, so as not to take away from the worship and dedication of our Holy Father (Judges 13:18; Revelation 19:10).  Michael, Gabriel, and fallen angel, Lucifer, are the only three angels mentioned in the Bible (Daniel 8:10-12; Luke 1; Jude 9; Revelation 12, with Lucifer being referred to throughout the Bible).  True Angels in service to our Holy Father,  always keep the sayings of God's word intact, and as fellow servants of God, we likewise are commanded to (Revelation 22:9).  There is a common pattern involved in these false Angel prophecies.  All combined parts of God's word, in support of their own.  True Angels sent by God would never do so.  For they know the spirit of God's word alone, "is true prophecy".  Revelation 19:10, And I fell at his feet, and he (meaning the angel of God) said unto me, See thou do it not; I am a fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.  We are to develop discernment and knowledge in pursuit of God's doctrinal word in order to not be deceived (2 Timothy 3:16-17).  For only God's word is flawless and true, providing a shield of spiritual protection (Proverbs 30:9; John 17:17; Psalm 19:7: Ephesians 6). William M. Branham strayed far away from the testimony and truth of God's word.  He became intoxicated and devoted to a beautiful,  angel in light, who seduced, and whispered in his ear.  Dreams, visions, voices, words of knowledge relating to signs in the sky, clouds, constellations, pyramids, numbers, nature folk lure, vibrations, secret knowledge, symbols, all sought his attention.  Branham relates he was told by this false, disguised, impersonating, anti-christ spirit, "You must consecrate yourself at this time for the visitation of these Angels".  Which he claims he did, "sitting alone in a room for eight days", in order to better hear their words of secret knowledge, new revelation, and instruction ("The Revelation of the Seven Seals", pages 560; 577).  By doing so he passed along a false message of light that was dark.  Instead of heeding the simple truths inherent in God's word, to watch out that no one deceives you (Matthew 24:4).  As I reflect on William Branham's life, my spirit feels for his plight and sad fight with mental anguish, anxiety, and depression.  I likewise pray for those who have been harmed physically, emotionally, and spiritually, due to the manipulation and abuse of such cult like environments.  There is much power behind such demonic, occult agendas.  However, no power comes close to the power of God, the authority of His word, which provide a shield of protection for all His children (Ephesians 6).  It is my prayer that the eyes of those who read my words are quickened by the Holy Spirit of God to not fall for the grander, thrill, and excitement, of such mendacious and delusory, signs and wonders cults (Ephesians 1:18).  Instead seek, and yearn for the true light of God, which is His word (John 1:1).  Only when we trust in Him, can we grow in mature faith to trust Him more (Nahum 1:7).  Remember this, says God, I am God, and there is none like me (Isaiah 46:8-9). He desires to give us a life filled with hope and a blessed future (Jeremiah 29:11).  Chose you this day who you will serve (Joshua 24:25).  * If you would like to learn more about God's free gift of Salvation, please visit the website page: "A Free Gift!" Medical Health Note: * There are many physical health problems that can cause the body, and or parts of the body, to vibrate.  Modern day technology via Electrical Magnetic and Radiation Effects have been known to do the same according to many who suffer Electro Magnetic Frequency Hypersensitity problems.   WILLIAM M. BRANHAM'S  "EAGLE" - RECOMMENDED ADDITIONAL RESEARCH STUDY NOTES:   Shamanism in the Church By TBC Staff - MV Created 2007-02-28 Occult "Eagle Spirituality" Manifests in Popular "Prophetic" Ministries TBC Extra, March 2007 Published on (  We sugguest this exact reference link for your educational and spiritual  knowledge: Shamanism in the Church |   Copyright - 2009-2016, Synthia Esther.  All Rights Reserved.